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Email List Building Tech

Email List Building Tech

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This course will be released May 1, 2024. Pre-order now to save 20%!

In Email List Building Tech, you will learn how to set up the entire tech process for building an email funnel. 

You’ll discover how to…

  • Set up ConvertKit
  • Manage and organize your subscribers inside ConvertKit
  • Create your lead magnet (whether it’s a document, audio file, or video)
  • Deliver your lead magnet through ConvertKit
  • Create automations (aka email sequences) inside ConvertKit
  • Build a landing page inside ConvertKit
  • Integrate ConvertKit with your Squarespace or WordPress website

This course is perfect for entrepreneurs who know they need an email list but don’t know where to begin!

*If you use an email marketing service other than ConvertKit, you can still benefit from this course. All you need to do is disregard the ConvertKit specific instructions.

What's Included

5 course modules with video lessons and walkthroughs, text lessons, and workbooks and guides.

Module 1: The Foundation

  • Lesson A: Overview of an Email Funnel
  • Lesson B: Basic ConvertKit Setup

Module 2: Your Lead Magnet

  • Lesson A: Overview
  • Lesson B: PDF Lead Magnet
  • Lesson C: Video Lead Magnet
  • Lesson D: Audio Lead Magnet

Module 3: Capturing Subscriber Information

  • Lesson A: Intro
  • Lesson B: The Form
  • Lesson C: Landing Page
  • Lesson D: WordPress
  • Lesson E: Squarespace

Module 4: The Automation

Module 5: Beyond the Funnel

  • Lesson A: Overview
  • Lesson B: Emailing Your List
  • Lesson C: Statistics and Metrics

Refund Policy

We’re confident that the courses you purchase will be exactly what you expect but in case you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will refund your purchase within 7 days.


If you have trouble accessing the course materials, email us at

This is a do-it-yourself course. If you need one-on-one support, you can book a private call with us. Email us at

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  • Prerequisites

    None! You don't need any tech set up before implementing what you learn in this course.

  • Tech Tools We Teach

    • ConvertKit
    • Squarespace
    • WordPress
    • YouTube
    • Google Drive

    You are welcome to attempt to use any equivalent tools to implement what we teach. We don't guarantee it will work exactly the way it would if you used the tools listed above.